Thursday, June 30, 2005

BioTech 2005 ~ Love Park
National Go Skateboarding Day

Skaters Free Love Park!
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As part of National Go Skateboarding Day hundreds of skateboarders (with a permit for their event) shredded the streets of Philly on the same day that hundreds of BioTech Activists were also taking their message to the streets. A little behind the scenes coordination lead to the skateboaders joining in with an unpermitted march on the the convention center and a stand off with the cops at Love Park. Love Park was a routinely skated public park in the center of Philly and was an "official" stop on the skateboarders planned route for the day. After several speakers fired up the crowd by showing that when dealing with a Police State environment All People Will Be Repressd Equally... that skateboarding is not a crime... that we were all being denied acess to Our Public Space... the skateboarders & activists together busted through the police line took some manhandling and a club to the head or 2 ... but they took the park.

Later, police used undercover snatch squads to arrest some people; but the park remained open and the police retreated to just blocking the fountain.. because some folks were hot & sweaty enough to get in it.

Tuesday, June 21st 2005 ~ Philadephia, PA ~ 8 minutes

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Free LOVE Park
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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

BioTech 2005 ~ Farmers Speak Out
and the Really Free Market

Opposition to GMO's mount at the BioTech Conference Welcome Reception
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This was filmed at the Really Really Free Market... it's really free because people really give stuff away. Food Not Bombs, fed people, but that's nothing new for them... it's what they do.. feed hungry people for free off the waste of corporate glutiny. I gave out about 20 Fluxview News DVDs.

Through out the day Farmers took the mic to explain why Genetically Modified Food is bad for us and all living things. We're rapidly approaching the point of no return with Genetically Modified Food and most people don't have a clue... I didn't.

I listened to Marly Hornik, a GMO activist singer songwriter, perform twice at the BioTech events and cried both times. The song at the end of this video seems to speak to my own self doubts and constant self evaluation. It's about living your lifes path, about the path with an uncertain future, about courage and the lack there of and persevering to do what must be done. ... at least that's what it means to me.

Saturday, June 18th 2005 ~ Philadephia, PA

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Monday, June 27, 2005

BioTech 2005 ~ Percy Schmeiser
Farmer Speak Out

Monsanto Rape Seed Victim
Right Click Image to Download the Video ~ Here to Stream the Video

Percy Schmeiser has been growing canola for 40 years. He's been experimenting, developing his own varieties, using his own seed. Then Monsanto, the giant multinational agro-chemical company that is at the forefront of developing genetically modified foods, accused him of patent infringement and demanded restitution for its seeds. They stole his plants, seeds & research because of cross pollenation with GMO plants that other people had planted within pollenaton range. If GMO's touch your crops... Monsanto owns your crop and will sue you. Pollenation is not containable. "I never put those plants on my land," says Schmeiser. "The question is, where do Monsanto's rights end and mine begin?"

Percy gives a full account of the specific alegations and breaks down the facts about GMO's in this 13 minute video.

Saturday, June 18th 2005 ~ Philadephia, PA

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Download Video ~ Stream Video

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Friday, June 17, 2005

Downing Street Minutes

Yesterday I attended the rally in support of John Conyers Senate Judiciary committee hearing on the Downing Street Memo (which is not a memo - it's actual minutes of the meeting). I tried audio blogging from the rally but keep getting a busy signal.

Symbolman from Take Back the Media got video of the actual hearing and will be combining that with my footage from the Rally and Petition delivery at the gates of The White House to produce a DVD of the event that will be available within the week. Order Yours Now? Check Take Back the Media for on-line highlight clips from the event.

I turned over my footage for this event to Symbolman because I'll be covering the BioTech protests in Philly for the next few days and didn't have time to edit the Downing Street Minutes footage anyway.
~ ~ ~ updates ~ ~ ~
Symbolman Plugs FluxRostrum on Take Back The Media Radio
Partial Audio of the Hearing
Here's a teaser video from the upcoming TakeBackTheMedia DVD
shot by yours truly ~FluxRostrum
Here's a bunch more video of the day ~ Hearings and rally stuff

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Monday, June 13, 2005

Congress Introduces H.R. 525/S. 406, Legislation that Hurts Your Healthcare

Congress has moved quickly this session to reintroduce the flawed Small Business Health Fairness Act of 2005 (H.R. 525/S. 406), legislation that creates federal Association Health Plans (AHPs) and lets insurers off the hook when it comes to protecting you and your family. We prevented this legislation from becoming law last year - now we need to stop it again.

Congress is trying to create this "new" kind of federal health insurance called Association Health Plans. But AHPs are really healthcare that hurts. AHPs mean no protection, no guarantee and no limits on price. They will be exempt from health and consumer protection laws you have in your state. We need to do something about healthcare, but AHPs will make things worse.

They May be voting on this TODAY!

See Also
Healthcare March @ the DNC 2004

Celibrate Ruebins birthday with the Insurance Company that killed him.

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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Did John Kerry Really Want to be President?

Kerry, seemingly out of the blue; decided to go ahead and release his Military & Medical records this week after spending half his campaign time fighting for his right to keep them sealed.

"The lack of any substantive new material about Kerry's military career in the documents raises the question of why Kerry refused for so long to waive privacy restrictions. An earlier release of the full record might have helped his campaign because it contains a number of reports lauding his service. Indeed, one of the first actions of the group that came to be known as Swift Boat Veterans for Truth was to call on Kerry to sign a privacy waiver and release all of his military and medical records.

But Kerry refused, even though it turned out that the records included commendations from some of the same veterans who were criticizing him." ~ Source
Democracy is dead.  Justice to the perpeTraitors

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Friday, June 03, 2005

My Current Gig

G8 Summit, Brunswick Georgia ::: FluxRostrum videos a stand off between Riot Cops and Peaceful Protestors who just wanted to cross the street, in the cross walk, with the walk signal.
Click Image to Download Here to Stream

During the winter of 2003 I embarked on a roadtrip to cover the Dennis Kucinich for President campaign, on my dime, for the now defunct Shortly before the California Primaries I returned home, bought a van, gave up "normal" life in LA and hit the road again.. to document end of the facade of democracy. This video deals with the logistics as well as the motivation behind this commitment.

March 2006
I'm still on the road. Though many of the initial tools of the trade have been upgraded and I rarely stay at truck stops these days; I'm still usually a little road weary. Keeping up with the work load is often completly impossible; but somehow I get by. My "home" is a smiley face coffee mug in search of a kitchen.

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911 Media, Vote Fraud, Clint Curtis, Dennis Kucinich, SOA Watch, Reasons Against G8

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Thursday, June 02, 2005

2004 ~ A Year of Dissent in 5 Minutes

This video WAS a contestant
in the Citizen Journalist category @ Current.TV
it is clearly less interesting
than delivering a pizza.
~Fuck Current TV

This 5 minute highlight reel covers the political events covered by the Fluxview News Team; primaries through inauguration. Featuring Dennis Kucinich, a Good Cop, Bad Cops, Vermin Supreme, Eric LeCompte, Vernon Keenan, Clint Curtis, Posse Comitatus Violations, Police Brutality and repression.

2004 ~ A Year in Dissent 5 min
::: Quick Time Download
::: QuickTime Streaming Page

with info links

More Video of Vermin Supreme

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

George Bush Inauguration 2005 video

~ Check Point "Dubya"
~ January 20th, 2005 ~ Washington, DC

Pepper Spraying peaceful Protesters at the 14th & Pennsylvannia Check Point

An Insurgent leans against the fence

‘MANDATE?’ has screened on Free Speech Television (Channel 9415 Dish Network)
and can be viewed in full at the Glass Bead Website

The Mad Love Collective is currently working to bring you "Mandate?"A half Hour Documentary of the 2005 Bush Inauguration.

The segment, Check Point "Dubya" focuses on constitutional violations by security forces and the brutal over use of pepper spray at the 14th & Pennsylvania Ave. inauguration parade route check point.

Check Point "Dubya" 8 min ::: RealPlayer 56k ::: RealPlayer Broad
::: Windows 56k ::: QuickTime Broad
::: Download

Editing ~ FluxRostrum
Footage ~ FluxRostrum, Rochester IMC, Boston IMC, DC IMC, NYC IMC and other GlassBeadians


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