Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Press Flux

Making Movies on the Slabs
Live, Work, Dream
March 12th 2009

Good Times and Good Humans on the Road Less Traveled
Live, Work, Dream
Feb 19th 2009

Two Artists, Living and Creating On the Road and in New Orleans
Live, Work, Dream
Feb 21st 2008

Videotaping a New World in the Shell of the Old
Andrew Hedden
June 24th 2007

Amanda Congdon's Vlog
December 20th 2006

Cops Caught Stealing Protestors' Cameras
December 18th 2006

This Is America? More Third World Country Perhaps
State & Lake
December 17, 2006

Who is FluxRostrum?
New Orleans Voices for Peace
Thursday, Dec 14th 2006

Amanda Congdon's Vlog
Wednesday, Dec 13th 2006

"The War on Journalism"
Orient Lodge
Wednesday, Dec 13th 2006

Caught On Tape: NYPD Assaults Videographer, Steals Camera
On NY Turf
Wednesday, Dec 13th 2006

The War on Journalism
Breathing Planet
Wednesday, Dec 12th 2006

NYPD assaults videographer, steals camera
I-Witness Video
Tuesday, 12 Dec 2006

Show Us Your Shorts
Association of Independent Video & Filmmakers Magazine
May/June 2006

The State of Citizen Journalism
Now Public

The world's best video diarists
The Independent UK
29 August 2005

Grassroots Media Looks to Cover the Future of New Orleans
Toward Freedom Magazine
14 February 2006

There are others. I just haven't always been notified and have not had time to scour the net for them. If you've found or written an article or used my footage in your media, please send me a link so I can plug your work. Also, I believe it is appropriate for you to provide a link to my site if you are discussing it or using my content in your report, especially since you're not paying me for the interview or content. If you'd like to make a donation for the use you can do that here

As a Writer/Director/Editor FluxRostrum's digital shorts "DotCompost Heap" & "WOOD" were selected for The Malibu International Film Festival 2002, "Public Housing and Black Panthers in New Orleans" and "N.O. Evictions" were screened at the Anthology Theatre in NYC March 22nd 2006 as part of a program from Third World News Reel entitled "imMEDIAcy". "Public Housing and Black Panthers in New Orleans" was also screened at the 6th annual Anarchist Film Festival May 7 2006. Many FluxRostrum Films have been aired on FreeSpeech TV as part of the Blacked Out Media show and on numerous public access channels world wide, including Manhattan Neighborhood Network and PeraltaTV. Flux has worked as part of several collectives that regularly contribute footage and/or finished pieces, such as "Watch This!", "Mandate?" & "The Iraq War 3rd Anniversary Special", to FreeSpeech TV. Several videos from Flux's time in Post Katrina New Orleans are available for rent on-line @ Liberation Video.

Flux has contributed protest footage to several feature films and documentaries including "the F Word" (Tribeca Film Festival) and Still We Ride (Bike Film Festival). As well as contributing footage for Democracy Now, Deep Dish TV and French Television projects.

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