Thursday, September 28, 2006

Vlog~Flux Nominated for The BOBs Award

Vlog~Flux has been nominated for a The BOBs Award ( The Best O' the Blogs ).

The Deutsche Welle's International Best of the Blogs awards are open to any blog, podcast or videocast in Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Persian, Portuguese, Russian or Spanish and meet the criteria.

Categories include: Best Weblog, Best Corporate Blog, Best Podcast, the Blogwurst Award, Best Weblog /(Insert contest language here) and the Reporters Without Borders Award. In addition to the overall world's Best Weblog, another award will be given to the Best Weblog in each of the BOBs' 10 official languages making for 15 different prizes.

When I discovered I had been nominated I requested that they please remove me from the Corporate Blog category because it is inacurate on sooo many levels... but alas, it's still listed ... Voting has begun.

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Pulse 5 911 ~ George Bush Visits Ground Zero

George Bush visits Ground Zero
Click Image to Download the VIDEO 31 mgs 9 minutes 10 seconds
Flash ~ Bandwidth Challenged

It's perplexing the way people hold tight to their views even when they hold views that might be considered exclusive to each other. The American mind is quite baffling. It seems that if any 2 people talk and hear each other long enough, they will find things that they agree upon and things they disagree upon. Why do we always focus on the disagreable part?

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Anthony Lappe & the Guantanamo School of Journalism

Anthony Lappe, who runs "THE GAP" of alternative media outlets, Guerilla News Network, has taken the exact same story that I heard from Josh Wolf's lips just prior to his meeting with Lappe and turned it into a patronizing piece of establishment propaganda. The man is certainly no Guerilla and his Network does little more than self aggrandize himself. I've made this comment in sanitized ways 4 times on the Huff Rag where they posted his drival ... Oddly enough after 10 hours none of the coments have appeared. Within minutes of my 1st attempt at making the above comments My site recieved 2 "hits" coming from the page I abandoned on GNN (their shit doesn't work). Mind you I never get traffic from there; so I knew I was being checked out prior to dis-approval ...

version 4 of my comments on Ronald McGuerilla's article...
"You've choosen a suspiciously recent YouTube Post instead of posts made in a timely manner. Your stylistically funny smellin', quoted inflamatory opinion at the very end of your "report" leaves your reader thinking ill thoughts of Josh while your technically acurate story takes every opportunity to slam him. This is not "representing arguements for and against" it's distorting facts.

This is also the 4th time I've tried to make this comment, apparently Guerillas are into eating their own and censoring detractors."

Taking his place amongst the scores of well funded leftist gatekeepers Lappe demonstrates the type of Journalism we can expect to come out of the The Guantanamo School of Journalism. With dictatorial powers growing daily, it is not hard to conceive of Guantanamo tactics being used against Josh by the time His Grand Jury Expires. After all, he is an "Insurgent" and clearly holds vital information. *sarcasim

In the 60's the protestors brought the war home.. in today's United States the governmnet is bringing it home. Will you, too, wait till it's on your doorstep? .. oops, too late; asume the postion.
Anthony Lappe and the Guantanamo School of Journalism
"The Guantanamo Guidebook"
exposes volunteers to identical torture methods used in Guantanamo
Click Image to Download the VIDEO 180 mgs 50 minutes & worth it.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Flux Views: The Sorry Ass State of Our World

First of all, Josh Wolf Goes back to Federal Prison tomorrow. His Bail has been revoked and I guess he's just lucky Bush hasn't convinced the American people that it's ok to torture white American citizens in our own country yet. You can view Josh's parting words here.

The Wolf case is nothing more than a witch hunt. The alleged reason for subpoenaing Josh's video tape is that the Federal Governmnet has claimed that there was an attempted arson on a San Francisco Police car. The SFPD reports show no damaged to the police car other than a broken tail light. The SFPD has chosen not to pursue the ALLEGED ATTEMPTED arson based on the facts... no fire damage. The only sensible, yet unamerican, reason to subpeona and hold Wolf on contempt charges for refusing to provide his source footage of the event in question is to profile the demonstrators who were on the scene.

The Motion to Revoke Bail itself slanders Josh Wolf by referring to him as an "Alleged" Journalist, even though "real" journalists count him among their peers and have donated 30,000 to his defense fund. To revoke bail for a non violent, non criminal act while appeals are still in process is rather unusual and can only be understood in context of the 80+ interviews Josh has given to Journalists ranging from mainstream public opinion makers to most of the so called Alternative news sources since being released on bail 18 days ago. If Josh is in Jail he can only use the phone for 300 minutes a month and "interviews" are a highly structured and monitored event that can last no more than 15 minutes. The legal system has been unyielding in it's pursuit of Josh's tape of nothing and the most realistic avenue for him to achieve freedom before the Grand Jury's term is up in July, possibly December, is the overwhelming public pressure that is sure to come if enough people know and comprehend the Police State legal tactics being used against him and those who dissent in America.

I went to the UN today to cover the permitted UFPJ march that wound its way around the city and straight into the PEN that the group was allowed to use to give the same speeches I've heard them give for years. There were a couple of exceptions. This footage maybe included in the next video I put up but it will not be "covered" here because: it was boring.. ineffectual.. and redundant.

However, after UFPJ left the area I discovered that other groups were also permitted to demonstrate in this penned in stock yard of dissent. As the crowd cleared I found that there were several PENS, side by side like cattle shuts at the stock was creepy. I made my way into the next pen over and though I didn't understand a damn thing they were saying, I determined from their lead banner that they were Iraqis who did not like Iran, specifically President, Ahmadinejad. 2 PENS over from them was a fairly empty pen where I could actually get close enough to see the street in front of the UN. In it were a few business suited Pakistani men whom I spoke with briefly before their pen abruptly filled with chanting, dancing sign waving Pakistanis. As I moved over a pen to escape being crushed by them another group of chanting, dancing sign waving Pakistanis poured into an adjacent pen and I was caught between them as they screamed and chanted and danced and waved at each other angrily. Cops quickly moved in and separated them forcing me out and eventually moved one pen of Pakistanis to another area, out of eye sight of their rivals.

As I pieced together what had just happened... I learned that one of the groups was a Pro Dictator / Pro Bush group and the other was a Pro Democracy / Anti Bush group. This scene will definitely be in my next video.

As I walked away from the Protest Pens I was ambushed by an overwhelming sense of doom and futility that was about to turn me into a sobing heap of flesh when I noticed a hand lettered sign left wedged into one of the police barricades that said simply...

"I Don't Understand"

Some of this footage may (or may not) be on tomorrow's Democracy Now.

~ excerpt from today's speech at the UN by Iran's President, Ahmadinejad ~
"For 8 years, Saddam's regime imposed a massive war of aggression and occupation on my people. It employed the most heinous weapons of mass destruction, including chemical weapons against Iranians and Iraqis alike.

Who, in fact, armed Saddam with these weapons? What was the reaction of those who now claim to fight against WMDs regarding the use of chemical weapons back then? The world is witness to the fact that the Islamic Republic of Iran, because of its humanitarian principles, even during the most testing of times and when it was sustaining the highest number of casualties, never allowed itself to use such weapons.

Thousands of nuclear warheads that are stockpiled in various locations coupled with programs to further develop these inhuman weapons have created a new atmosphere of repression and the rule of the machines of war, threatening the international community and even the citizens of the countries that possess them.

Ironically, those who have actually used nuclear weapons, continue to produce, stockpile and extensively test such weapons, have used depleted uranium bombs and bullets against tens and perhaps hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, Kuwaitis, and even their own soldiers and those of their allies, afflicting them with incurable diseases, blatantly violate their obligations under the NPT, have refrained from signing the CTBT and have armed the Zionist occupation regime with WMDs, are not only refusing to remedy their past deeds, but in clear breech of the NPT, are trying to prevent other countries from acquiring the technology to produce peaceful nuclear energy.

All these problems emanate from the fact that justice and spirituality are missing in the way powerful governments conduct their affairs with other nations.

After September 11, a particular radical group was accused of terrorist activities -- although it was never explained how such huge intelligence gathering and security organizations failed to prevent such an extensive and well planned operation.

Why powers that, not so long ago, were supporting the activities of such groups in Afghanistan and thus portraying themselves as supporters of human rights and the Afghan people have over night turned into their most fierce critic?

Are we to believe that their benefactors, i.e. the very same hegemonic powers have lost control? "If the answer is yes, would it not be better for those powers to adopt an honest and transparent approach to the international community, provide precise information about the main elements and their arms and financial support system, and accept responsibility for their inhuman actions against nations and countries, and thereby assist peoples and nations to correctly, wisely and sincerely fight the roots of terrorism.

We must endeavor to achieve sustainable tranquility and peace based on justice and spirituality.

Mr. President, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,
Terrorism and WMDs are two major threats before the international community. The Islamic Republic of Iran, as one of the main victims of terrorism and chemical weapons, fully appreciates the difficulties that lie ahead in the road to combat these menaces.

Today, the most serious challenge is that the culprits are arrogating to themselves the role of the prosecutor. Even more dangerous is that certain parties relying on their power and wealth try to impose a climate of intimidation and injustice over the world make bullying, while through their huge media resources portray themselves as defenders of freedom, democracy and human rights.

People around the world are fully aware of what is happening in the occupied Palestine. Women and children are being murdered and adolescents taken prisoner. Houses are being demolished and farms burnt down. Yet, when the people of Palestine resist these conditions, they are accused of terrorism. At the same time, the occupier, which does not abide by any principles and terror is part of its pronounced and routine policy enjoys the support of the previously mentioned governments. Let me be blunter. State terrorism is being supported by those who claim to fight terrorism."

Carlton Brown, a commodities trader, explains how wealthy elites profited off 9/11. For those invested in precious metals, petroleum or the defense industry, 9/11 was a gift from heaven.

Dissaster Profiteering is not just for the powerful elite, however. I have witnessed many "leftest, truthseeking, social justice activists" who have chosen supporting the "movemnet" as a career. From t-shirt & button hawkers that show up at every protest ... to "activist" video makers who sell their wares to people like the souvenier photo makers on amusment park rides or sit on their footage until it's irrelevant while waiting for "finishing funds" ... to groups like UFPJ or ANSWER that punctuate every event by begging for money while acting as a leftist gate keeper regarding what issues are Acceptable to be mad about. It's irrelevent whether you are making millions or thousands if you are making it from the pain and suffering of others and not contributing to their immediate needs; then you have a vested interest in continueing the pain and suffering.

If you're sitting on your Hurricane Katrina footage planning to put together your masterpiece documentary in a few years ... YOU ARE A DISSATER PROFITEER. Those people need your help now. You know who you are.

I recieved an email yesterday that requested I contact my representitives in Congress to plead with them to not support the Warrentless Wiretapping bill now before them... Anyone who has to be told that they should not be supporting this measure is certainly not representing anyone I know.. It's akin to writing your congressman requesting that they not support stabbing every 3rd grader in the eye with a lead pencil... What kind of person needs to be told not to support this shit? What kind of Governmnet is run by people who need to be told not to supoort this shit? What kind populace allows people who need to be told not to support this shit to run their country? What kind of world will be created by people who need to be told not to support this shit?

... I Don't Understand

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