Monday, April 20, 2009

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Saturday, April 04, 2009

3rd Annual NYC Anarchist Film Festival

Apparently their screening something of mine it's on the poster.

The Third Annual NYC Anarchist Film Festival in Honor of our murdered comrade and colleague Brad Will takes place Friday April 10, 2009 in the lower east side. See attached flier for locations and event times.

As a prelude to the Third Annual NYC Anarchist Bookfair from April 11-12, The Third Annual NYC Anarchist Film Festival will showcase contemporary documentaries and videos on current events and social movements from Palestinian resistance in Gaza to the popular uprising and recent riots that swept Greece like wildfire.

Big Noise Films will screen a selection of short films from Iraq. Other filmmakers will present videos on environment, militant feminism, and movements for justice such as the ongoing struggle for human rights in Oaxaca Mexico. Videos will show courageous examples of resistance from India to Europe, to Latin America, to the U.S.A where dissent is being criminalized as terrorism. See videos that challenge the State’s unconstitutional "anti-terrorist" mandate from protests against the 2008 Republican National Convention. We also proudly present footage from the fight for free speech, in the lower east side's famous "Donut Riot" that ended with spontaneous combustion in Tompkins square park last summer. Carlos Castaneda wrote in "Tales of Power" that the "true art of a warrior is to balance terror and wonder." The NYC Anarchist Film Festival does not shy away from either the terror we are forced to confront in our world or from the wondrous inspiration that graces the human spirit...

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