Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Vote Fraud for Democracy

January 6th Video of the Contest the Vote Rally in DC
Jesse Jackson  Rev. Moss

On January 6th bus loads of patriots from Ohio held a rally on Capital Hill to "call for" the presidential election to NOT be certified in Ohio and other key states.

Unlike when the 2000 presidential vote was tampered with; this time members of both the House & Senate stood up to challenge the integrity of the election in Ohio.

Learn what was wrong in Ohio from Jesse Jackson, David Cobb, Clint Curtis, Asa Gordon and Wil b.

This is what a Historic Moment looks like. (not that it did any good)

Vote Fraud for Democracy 26 min
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Wil b aka 50 Billion

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Monday, May 30, 2005

Business Weak ~ Video Collection

Reasons Against the G-8 Summit
Audio presentation of the book "Reasons Against G8" by David Miller
The Pit Falls of Corporate Privatization (globalization).

Coke Kills
Union Organizers in South America are being murdered to insure the continued exploitation of their labor. This is a press conference on the subject from the G8 Summit protests of 2004. QuickTime 18mg download

Enron Retirement Video
Mainstream story of an actual retirement party video for an Enron Exec. their so called satire is eerily prophetic and includes an endorsement from George W. Bush.

The Battle of Blair Mountain
The only time in history that the United States government dropped bombs on its own people was in a fight to unionize the coal mines at the Battle of Blair Mountain in 1921

Immokalee: a story of slavery and freedom
Brutal exploitation of farmworkers, including slavery and indentured servitude, continues to plague thousands in the fields and groves of south Florida.

¡Resistencia! Tearing Down Fences
Resistencia covers the anti-WTO actions in Cancún to the anti-FTAA demonstrations in Miami; addressing the impacts of tourism, agriculture in a global setting, organized labor, media control, and the rise of the police state.

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Sunday, May 29, 2005

911 ~ September 11, 2001 ~ Video Collection

Must See Video's
You really need to see this > 911 Press for Truth
& This ~ Al-Qaeda Air Lift Video

NEW ~ NO Plane @ the Pentagon

~ 911 Timeline ~ 911 Questions ~ Pentagon Strike

Dr. Griffin's Logical Demolition of the 9/11 Commission
Audio ~ Video
CSPAN Audio ~ Cspan Video
Citizen's Commission on 911

Trade Center 7 Collapse .. Explained
No plane hit WTC7, the building could withstand 160 mph winds and had bullet and bomb proof windows but miraculously collapsed STRAIGHT DOWN due to a couple of very small fires.

What Didn't Happen on Sept.11th
Mike Ruppert Lecture From IQ1
38 minutes Windows Media 72 mgs

Pulse 5 911 ~ The War and Terror ~ 9.11.065 year anniversary video for the terrorist acts of 911
Click Image to Download the VIDEO 66 mgs 19.11 minutes
Big Phat Version ~ Flash Stream/download ~ Bandwidth Challenged

Coverage of the 5th anniversary of the 911 terrorist attacks. Featuring Alex Jones, Immortal Technique, Mumia Abu Jamal, Korey Rowe and Random Americans.

Pulse 5 911 George Bush Visits Ground Zero ~ 9.10.06
George Bush visits Ground Zero
Click Image to Download the VIDEO 31 mgs 9 minutes 10 seconds
Flash ~ Bandwidth Challenged


Music Video ~ The Divide
Music Video by VOICE & FluxRostrum
Here's a Big Phat Version 69 mg ~ A Torrent
Here's a Crappy Bandwidth Challenged Version 3 mgs .rm
This video is also available on Google, YouTube, MySpace, Veoh

Music by VOICE
L Burner Records

The actions of our government on September 11th clearly indicate that 911 was an inside job. The event has divided our country into factions of those with various levels of trust and knowledge. It is the most recent attack of those who control the world against the people of the world in an attempt to enforce a global corporate militarization and enslavemnet of free people.

The culprits of September 11th 2001 must be publicly punished
to the fullest extent of the law if we are to ever be free again.

Related Links ::: The 1st Music Video for VOICE "Special", more september 11th video, 911 Truth, Scholars for Truth, Share the Truth, L Burner Records, People for 911 Justice, Loose Change, Knife Party, We, 911 eyewitness, 911 Podcasts, Conspiracy Theory Music, 9-11-06 WORLDWIDE Schedule of Events

Other Oddities ~ DU @ the Pentagon? ~ Hunter Thompson ~ 911 Planned in 1976?

Meet the conspiracy nuts.

Colonel Ronald D. Ray (U.S. Marine Corps)

Colonel Ronald D. Ray is a practicing attorney in Kentucky and a highly decorated combat veteran of the Vietnam War (two Silver Stars, a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart.) He served as a Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense during the Reagan Administration and was appointed by President Bush to serve on the American Battle Monuments Commission (1990-1994), and on the 1992 Presidential Commission on the Assignment of Women in the Armed Forces. From 1990 through 1994, he served as Military Historian and Deputy Director of Field Operations for the U.S. Marine Corps Historical Center, Washington, D.C. Colonel Ray, selected for Who's Who in America and in America Law, writes and speaks on a wide range of National Security, Historical, and Constitutional issues and has appeared on a variety of national television news broadcasts: ABC World News Tonight, Larry King Live, Hannity and Combs, Fox and Friends, The Today Show, Fox News, Crossfire, and a number of national radio broadcasts.

"I'm astounded that the conspiracy theory advanced by the administration could in fact be true and the evidence does not seem to suggest that's accurate. . .If the war on terror is real then the first thing that would have happened within a matter of weeks after 9/11 would have been we'd have closed the borders off. . .You have no national security if your borders are not secure." - Colonel Ronald D. Ray

Bill Christison (CIA)

William Christison or Bill Christison and his wife Kathleen Christison worked for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Bill Christison joined the CIA in 1950, and served on the analysis side of the Agency for 28 years. From the early 1970s he served as National Intelligence Officer (principal adviser to the Director of Central Intelligence on certain areas) for, at various times, Southeast Asia, South Asia and Africa. Before he retired in 1979 he was Director of the CIA's Office of Regional and Political Analysis, a 250-person unit.

" At the Los Angeles meeting of the American Scholars' Symposium, one of the main speakers, Webster Tarpley, summarized his own views on the events of 9/11. He emphasized that "neocon fascist madmen" had perpetrated the 9/11 "myth." He went on to say, "The most important thing is that the 9/11 myth is the premise and the root of the Afghanistan War and the Iraq War and the coming attack on Iran. ... We must ... deprive [the myth's perpetrators] of the ability to stampede and manipulate hundreds of millions of people [with their] ... cynically planned terrorist events."

Let's give Webster Tarpley and other mistakenly labeled conspiracists who have labored in the wilderness for so long three cheers." - Bill Christison

Ray McGovern (CIA)

McGovern was a mid level officer in the CIA in the 1960s where his focus was analysis of Soviet policy toward Vietnam. McGovern was one of President Ronald Reagan's intelligence briefers from 1981-85 when he was in charge of preparing daily security briefs for the President, the Vice President, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Cabinet and National Security Advisor. Later, McGovern was one of several senior CIA analysts who prepared the President's Daily Brief (PDB) for President George Herbert Walker Bush. Upon retirement, McGovern was awarded the Intelligence Commendation Medal from George Herbert Walker Bush (which he later returned) and worked for Washington-based non-profits before becoming co-director of the Servant Leadership School in Washington. McGovern was a graduate, summa cum laude, of Fordham University. A "Distinguished Military Graduate", he served in the US Army from 1962-64 as an intelligence officer. McGovern also received an M.A. in Russian Studies from Fordham University, a certificate in Theological Studies from Georgetown University and was a graduate of Harvard Business School's Advanced Management Program.

Ray McGovern confirmed his support for 9/11 being an inside job by his public endorsement of David Ray Griffin's work on 9/11. Stating that he "used to be an agnostic" on the issue of government complicity until reading The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions.

Dr. Robert M. Bowman, Lt. Col. (United States Air Force)

Dr. Robert M. Bowman, Lt. Col., USAF, ret. is President of the Institute for Space and Security Studies, Executive Vice President of Millennium III Corporation, and retired Presiding Archbishop of the United Catholic Church. He flew 101 combat missions in Vietnam and directed all the "Star Wars" programs under Presidents Ford and Carter. He is the recipient of the Eisenhower Medal, the George F. Kennan Peace Prize, the President's Medal of Veterans for Peace, the Society of Military Engineers' ROTC Award of Merit (twice), six Air Medals, and dozens of other awards and honors. His Ph.D. is in Aeronautics and Nuclear Engineering from Caltech. He chaired 8 major international conferences, and is one of the country's foremost experts on National Security.

"9-11 is based on a pack of lies. It wasn't misjudgment; it was treason." - Robert Bowman

Morgan O. Reynolds (US Government)

Morgan O. Reynolds is professor emeritus at Texas A&M University and former director of the Criminal Justice Center at the National Center for Policy Analysis headquartered in Dallas, TX. He served as chief economist for the United States Department of Labor during 20012002, George W. Bush's first term.

"Occam's razor would suggest that the outward bends in the perimeter columns were caused by explosions from inside the tower rather than bends caused by airliner impact from outside. Also supporting this theory is the fact that the uniformly neat ends of the blown perimeter columns are consistent with the linear shaped charges demolition experts use to slice steel as thick as 10 inches. The hypothesis of linear shaped charges also explains the perfectly formed crosses found in the rubble (crucifix-shaped fragments of core column structures), as well as the rather-neatly shorn steel everywhere." - Morgan Reynolds

Paul Craig Roberts (US Government)

Former Senior Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution, a former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan Administration, and a prolific and popular journalist. He is a former editor and columnist for the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, and Scripps Howard News Service. He is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology and he holds a Ph.D. from the University of Virginia. He was a post-graduate at the University of California, Berkeley, and Oxford University where he was a member of Merton College. In 1992 he received the Warren Brookes Award for Excellence in Journalism. In 1993 the Forbes Media Guide ranked him as one of the top seven journalists in the United States.

"I know many qualified engineers and scientists have said the WTC collapsed from explosives. In fact, if you look at the manner in which it fell, you have to give their conclusions credibility." - Paul Craig Roberts

Andreas von BÃülow (German Government)

He served as state-secretary in the German Federal Ministry of Defence (1976-1980) and Minister for Research and Technology (1980-1982), both during the Chancellor Helmut Schmidt administration, and was regarded as a "rising star" of German politics at the time. He served for 25 years as an SPD member of the German parliament (1969-1994). In the late eighties and early nineties, he served on the parliamentary committee on intelligence services ("Parlamentarischer Kontrollausschuss"). This committee supervises German intelligence agencies and has access to classified information. In the early nineties, von BÃülow also served as SPD ranking member of the Schalck-Golodkowski investigation committee, a task that first led him to inquire into white collar crime in connection with Eastern intelligence services, and later also into what he labels "criminal activities" of Western intelligence services. His first major publication dealing with this realm, In the Name of the State (German:Im Namen des Staates) is a heavily referenced and extensive study focusing mostly on the CIA. Since leaving the Bundestag, he has largely left the SPD's political loop.

"Well, nobody can prove what happened 9 11 directly because it has been a covert operation and you don't find proof; you will find only indications. And one of the indications- the indication that everything is right with these nineteen people and Usama bin Laden is that the government is free to show all the prove that is on the table that is on the street that lays on the ground of the World Trade Center and so on and so on. If you have a covert operation the probability is always that the leftover pieces of proof are taken away immediately and a lot of secrecy, a band of secrecy, has taken over everything. And, this has happened with 9 11." - Andreas von BÃülow

General Leonid Ivashov (Russian Army)

General Leonid Ivashov was the Chief of the Department for General Affairs in the Soviet Union's Ministry of Defense, Secretary of the Council of Defense Ministers of the Community of Independent States (CIS), Chief of the Military Co-operation Department at the Russian Federation's Ministry of Defense, and Joint Chief of Staff of the Russian Armies. He was serving at the time of the 9/11 attacks.

"Osama bin Laden and "Al Qaeda" cannot be the organizers or the performers of the September 11 attacks. They do not have the necessary organization, resources or leaders. Thus, a team of professionals had to be created and the Arab kamikazes are just extras to mask the operation. The September 11 operation modified the course of events in the world in the direction chosen by transnational mafias and international oligarchs; that is, those who hope to control the planet's natural resources, the world information network and the financial flows. This operation also favored the US economic and political elite that also seek world dominance." - General Leonid Ivashov

David Shayler (British Security Service - MI5)

David Shayler was an officer for the British Security Service (MI5) from 1991 1996.

"I've seen the results of terroristic explosions and so on and no terrorist explosion has ever brought down a building. When the IRA put something like a thousands tonnes of home-made explosives in front of the Baltic Exchange building in Bishopsgate and let off the bomb, all the glass came out, the building shook a bit but there was no question about the building falling down and it doesn't obey the laws of physics for buildings to fall down in the way the World Trade Center came down. So you have the comparison of the two, Building 7 compared with the north and south towers coming down and those two things are exactly the same, they were demolished." - David Shayler

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Friday, May 27, 2005

Vote Fraud in America ~ Video Collection

The Fight For Democracy In Ohio
A collection of hearings and testimony from the frontlines in Columbus, Ohio including coverage of the November 13-15 Voter Fraud Hearings in Columbus, and the Jan 3 Pro-Democracy Rally. Featuring Senator Barbara Boxer, Jesse Jackson, David Cobb, Ohio Rep Stephanie Tubbs-Jones, Tim Carpenter of PDA, Teresa Fedor, Dagmar Celeste, Susan Truitt, Bob Fitrakis, Cliff Arnebeck, Warren Linney, John Bonifaz, Greg Palast, Harvey Wasserman, and Rev. Bill Moss.

America's Illegitimate Election 2004
This is a compilation of Mainstream, Corporate News Reports of the Fraud involved in our last election. Clearly this info IS being made available to a Public that doesn't care enough to pay any attention to events that would force a good patriot to take action.

Ohio Vote Supression ... Fraud or Deliberate Incompetence..
This is what exportable US Democracy looks like?!.

From the Seattle Times:
"At this point the number of irregularities brought to our attention is not going to change the outcome of the election," said DNC spokesman Jano Cabrera."The simple fact of the matter is that Republicans received more votes than Democrats, and we're not contesting this election."

This 30 minute Presidential Election Special Edition of VOTERGATE was created as a free educational service to get out critical information to the public.   Stream it now: Broadband or Dialup
Hack it Yourself in the Fluxview Library

Mike Hout video on "The Effect of Electronic Voting Machines on Change in Support for Bush in the 2004 Florida Elections" recorded at UC Berkeley.   Here's some local San Fran Action

Mainstream Vote Fraud Video
"CountDown" on MSNBC ~ I wonder if the producer has been fired yet?

Air America Radio, interview with Clinton Curtis
This is the whistleblower claiming to have been hired to write the code to rig elections through the touch screen paperless voting placebos.

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Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Week in Fascism

Halliburton: Cop Attack
David Martinez was arrested while shooting this video
and he managed to hand off the camera as he was being
dragged by the neck by a cop on horse.

George Galloway Rips Us a New One
Must See Behind the scenes footage from the hearing
Full Transcript of George Galloway's testimony at the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs' Kickbacks for Food Hearing has been removed from our governments website.
In fact, now they claim he didn't say anything!
The Governments PDF of the testimony from George Galloway was on line briefly... One of you saved it didn't you... (send me the .pdf)

~ VIDEO of George Galloway's Testimony
~ partial AUDIO of George Galloway's Testimony
~ Testimony highlights & video Clips
~ Jim Leher News Hour Oil for Food Background Info
~ UK Respect from George Galloway

"The United States was not only aware of Iraqi oil sales which violated UN sanctions and provided the bulk of the illicit money Saddam Hussein obtained from circumventing UN sanctions," the report said. "On occasion, the United States actually facilitated the illicit oil sales."



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