Thursday, December 08, 2005

REMA Response Waveland, Missahippie

Rainbow Emergency Management Assembly
Click Image to Download the VIDEO 93 mgs 28 minutes
Here's a Big Phat Version 191 mgs

The Rainbow Emergency Management Assembly gathered in Waveland Missahippie within days of the hurricane disaster, to feed people. They have receieved nothing but love and support from FEMA, Red Cross, numerous Church groups and Hancock County. It is said that before Katrina hippies would refer to Mississippi as MissAHippie because a hippie could easily go "missing" in Mississippi. Now Missahippie has a whole new meaning. The story of Waveland is that of people putting aside petty differences to do what's right and needed by our community of man.

This feabile attempt to tell an amazing tale of cross cultural volunteerism features: Vermin Supreme, Dirty Momma, Heather Bee, Pete Jones, Ben Cauldwell, Doc Stone, Organic Valley, the residents of Waveland Mississippi ... and Flower

The New Waveland Cafe is now closed. The parade was the official end of the facility, which was disbanded because the community now has several restraunts and stores open. A splinter group is setting up in St Bernard Parish.
More to come about Emergency Communities ...

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Anonymous Renee Rosensteel said...

Hey There!! WHAT a COOOOOL video! I met you at Waveland. (I was the redheaded photographer.) I put a link to your blog and to your video on a site that I put up at Great WORK!!

9:05 AM  

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