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Videography of an Independent Journalist

This is the Cliff note version of everything I covered between '01 & '05.
For a complete listing of available videos with full descriptions and purty pictures check the Original deProgramming Section

These videos were Produced with consumer equipment and edited usually within a couple days of the event, so the older they are the rougher in the editing department. My goal early on was to allow people to Experience the event online so some are a good deal longer than they needed to be.

1) Sept-22-2001
LA Peace Rally
Federal Building, Westwood ~ Los Angeles

2) Sept-29-2001
Downtown LA Anti Police Brutality / Peace Rally

3) Oct-7-2001
The day we started dropping bombs on Afghanistan.
Downtown LA

4) Oct-13-2001
Santa Monica Human Peace Sign

5) June-6-2002
1st LA Not In Our Name Rally

6) July 2002
On The Road w/ The Walk For Democracy Part 1
Jeanette Wallis walked from Seattle to DC collecting Grievances for the president from backroad folks. Update from Colorado.

7) Oct-27-2002
S.O.S. Ride for Hep C Awareness
Harley ride fund raiser for Hepatitis C research. info
Features Pamela Anderson, Kid Rock

8) January 18th Peace Rally in Washington, DC 2003
never edited ~ stills only available

9) February 2003
On The Road w/ The Walk For Democracy Part 2 & 3
Update from the walk Now in Frozen Indiana

10) 2-15-03
World Say's "NO!" (not edited)
Los Angeles

11) Feb-22-2003
Peace Rally ~ Malibu, CA

12) March-22-2003
March on CNN ~ Anti-War Protest

13) ??/??/03 (Oscar's Night in Hollywood)
The New American Peace Movement
While thousands of anti-war protestors were enjoying the safety of a fully permitted rally 3 blocks away from the Oscar's; a hundred or so clever folks found a way past the police lines and were able to join the 100 or so Pro War supporters who were allowed to set up just outside the Oscar Awards Ceremony. Shot from the Pro War camp.

14) Oct-18-03
First They Came For The Grocery Workers...
Dennis Kucinich Speaks @ a UFCW Strikers Rally with Ed Asner, Mimi Kennedy, and a slew of local union leaders. Venice, CA

15) 11-23-03
Kucinich Opens an East LA Office
Dennis Kucinich, Danny Glover & Shelly Morrison in a Q&A and corpo news interviews at the opening of Dennis's East LA Office

16) Mid December 2003
Primary Function Road Show No. 1
Dennis Kucinich supporters from across the country talk about "Why Dennis" & "What are we doing to help get the word out" featuring a "Bring Our Troops Home" rally in Hollywood, CA; interviews from the east coast of Florida & Alabama with a special appearance from Loretta Nall Pot-TV News Anchor and president of the US Marijuana Party.

17) Late December 2003
Primary Function Road Show No. 2
Featuring interviews from St. Petersburg, FL; Morgantown, WV; Pittsburg, PA and a little footage from Cleveland.

18) 1-9-04
Dennis Kucinich Speaking to the Iowa Teachers Association
on the topic of "No Child Left Behind". Des Moines, IA

19) 1-6 to 1-10-04
The Peace Train
using footage from the train & arrival
Kucinich supporters traveled from California to Iowa by train, gathering folks along the way to help campaign for Dennis Kucinich.

20) 1-11-04
Diversity Celebration
Dennis Kucinich presents Chief Arval Looking Horse with a ceremonial blanket that was NOT laced with Small Pox; both speak to the issue of representing ALL Americans. ~ Des Moines, Iowa

21) 1-11-04
Black & Brown Forum
The Street Fest during the Black & Brown Forum (Iowa Democratic Candidate Debate) in Des Moines Iowa. Punk Voters, The Democreation Bus & Peace Train participants all converged on the Polk County County Convention Complex.

22 - 28)
Iowa Caucus Weekend
It's the weekend before the Iowa Caucus; Dennis Kucinich is motoring all over Iowa speaking, answering questions and rallying for Jobs, Healthcare and Peace. 6 Kucinich Speaking engagements boiled down to one 34 min super speech & 4 seperate Q & A sessions.

29) 2-1-04
Kucinich Q & A in Espanola, NM
Topics include: Corporate Personhood, Corporate Governance, Water Rights, Renewable Energy, Electability, No Child Left Behind, Middle East Peace, Immigration, Universal Pre School, Universal College Education, 15% Reduction in the BLOATED Pentagon Budget & Weapons in Space

30) 2-1-04
A speech & seperate Q&A in Taos, NM

31) 2-20-04
Worldwide Day of Protest
Hollywood, CA.

32) June 4th 2004
No G8 Press Conference
The coalition of groups attempting to expose the the Group of Eight for the exploiters of the world that they are, gathered at Lookout Park, Brunswick, GA; for a press conference

33) 6-5-04
The Florida Coalition for Peace and Justice
completed its 140 mile walk for global justice from its Teaching Farm in Graham, Florida to Brunswick, Georgia for the G8 Summit.

34) 6-8-04
No War March @ G8 Summit

35) 6-9-04
The 1st Breakaway Action @ G8
Activists wanted to legally walk the crosswalks at the intersection of route 17 & the Causeway, the only road in & out of Sea Island, and were denied. Negotiations lead to an end in our favor and the Causeway and RT 17 traffic was closed down for about 2 hours because the police needed the space to repress us.

36) 6-10-04
Palestinian Story Circle ~ G8 Summit
On the third day of the G8, the March for a Free Palestine began at Overlook Park with a story circle before being overshadowed by the Breakaway March to Sea Island. Many stories relating the Occupation of Palestine to the Occupation of Iraq to the Occupation of Brunswick.

37) 6-10-04
Breakaway to Sea Island @ G8
75 people including a small black bloc broke away from the march and took over the causeway. The group, followed by an enormous police and military presence, walked over several bridges, onto St. Simon's Island, down Sea Island Road and faced off with the police at the military entrance to Sea Island.

38) 6-4 to 6-11-04
Harassment & Intimidation ~ Posse Comitatus and the G8 Summit
It's hard to explain thousands of military following a couple hundred peaceful dissenters and independent press everywhere they go for a week. ...

39) July 4th 2004
George Bush Welcomed in WV

40) 7-24-04
DNC Preview & Greg Palast @ The Boston Social Forum

41) 7-25/28-04
DNC Street Protests ~ The Koochcentric Version

42) 7-27-04
3rd Party Candidates @ the DNC
A short interview with Nader Supporters and David Cobb, the Green Party candidate for President.

43) 7-27-04
Non Profit Health Care For All
~ A DNC protest @ Liberty Mutual Insurance

44 - 48) 7-25/28-04
The DNC Street Convention
This is several days of protest Jam packed into 1 33 min video. Highlights from the Critical Mass Bike Ride, The DNC2RNC March leaving Boston, several planned marches and a few not so planned happinin's.

49) Aug. 24th 2004
Paula Revere's Ride
Paula Revere and her fellow patriots from the Green Dragon speak out and ride to warn New York that "The Republican's are Coming!"

50) Aug. 27th 2004
Critical Mass ~ NYC ~ RNC ~ 2004
Critical Mass Bike ride. with music from Outernational and arrests by Da Police

51 - 54) Aug. 29th - Sept 2nd 2004
RNC Protests Why? ~ NYC 2004
Who protested the Republican National Convention? Why was it so important to them? How were they treated?

55) August 29th, 2004
RNC A29 After Party ~ Times Square ~ New York City
The second Massive police round up of the convention.

56) Oct. 17th 2004
Million Worker March Video ~ DC 2004
Up to 30 buses were diverted by police and not even allowed to stop long enough to drop off Marchers. w/ Danny Glover, wil b, Brenda Stokley, Ramsey Clark, LA Teachers Union and more ...

57) Nov.20-21st
SOA School of America's Protest
~ Ft. Benning, GA

58) January 6th
Contest the Vote Rally in DC
Unlike when the 2000 presidential vote was tampered with; this time members of both the House & Senate stood up to challenge the integrity of the election in Ohio. Featuring... Jesse Jackson, David Cobb, Clint Curtis, Asa Gordon and Wil b.

59) January 20th, 2005
George Bush Inauguration
~ Check Point "Dubya" ~ Washington, DC

The rest of 2005 & 2006 are HERE

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you have the most UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE footage!!!

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thank you so much for posting this!

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I think I'm blushing. Thank You.

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hey flux,
i met you the other day in tribeca...
i am checking out your footage and i like it

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