Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Fahrenheit 916

Sacramento's opinion on the BUSH Administration. Both for and against.
Right or Left this will piss you off and amaze you.
October 2006.

featuring ::: Cindy Sheehan, Stephen Pearcy, Dennis Kyne, John Reiger.
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Friday, January 26, 2007

Torture & Coercion in America

Is It Fascism Yet?

Sign it or I'm gonna shoot you ...
Cops extorting bribe money and drugs from a small business man.

This starts out a little slow just keep listening.
If you're not truly disgusted by the end... your a fascist.

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Monday, January 15, 2007

50 Shots an a Mule ~ full movie ~ wide screen

sean bell police surveilance protests & NYPD
50 Shots an a Mule
A documentary on protests for justice for Sean Bell & the fate of protests in general. Part one focuses on the march on December 16, 2006 and gives some context through interviews of people on the street. The second part of the film deals with the march on wall street on december 22, 2006. This part was partially shot with immersive 360 degree camera and focuses on police surveliance of demonstrators at the march.
27 minutes ~ full screen ~ right click & save
part 1 ~ part 2

Meanwhile Back in NOLA...
MLK Day: St. Bernard Residents Go through Barbed Wire Fence
in order to Clean Out Their Apartments ... AGAIN

New Orleans, LA (January 15, 2007) –With mops and buckets in hand, displaced residents of the St. Bernard Public Housing Project will go through the barbed wire fence surrounding their homes to clean and rehabilitate them.

On Monday, January 15, Martin Luther King Day, the residents will rally at 12:00pm at Bynum Drugs Store, 3838 St. Bernard Ave, and then enter the property to restore their homes at 12:30.

"Our homes are livable, and we are cleaning them out so that we can live in them," says Sharon Seans Jasper, a St. Bernard resident and organizer. "We will not let the city destroy them."

"The residents who will be cleaning their apartments have current leases and therefore have a legal right to enter their homes," says rally organizer Endesha
Juakali of Survivors Village. "However, the police may not honor this right. Therefore public housing residents will be evoking the spirit of Dr. King on this
Martin Luther King Day."

Last Spring these same people did the same thing... They're still trying to get back into their UNDAMAGED APARTMENTS. ... the injustice of this is rediculous.

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