Thursday, July 27, 2006

Cops on Drugs

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Found Video: What these cops have to say about the war on drugs will shock and awe you.

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

This Troop is Defending my Freedoms

In the spirit of supporting our troops I would like for anyone interested in Journalistic freedom to check out the story that is Unfolding RIGHT NOW in San Francisco. Josh Wolf is appearing before a FEDERAL GRAND JURY where he has been charged with contempt of court over his desire to not release "some" independent journalist video of cops choking and beating people at a G8 solidarity march in San Francisco that occurred last summer.

The full story is better appreciated by watching Josh's videos from interviews and press conferences that are available on his site. As an example of the ridiculous lengths to which our government is going to harass the politically vocal... One of the arrestees at this protest was actually charged with TRYING TO "LYNCH" HIMSELF. And Don't forget to check back tomorrow ... to see if he's in JAIL.

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Saturday, July 08, 2006

George Bush ~ I'm Just Following Orders

George Bush Junior on following orders
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The man some call the president has a few things to say about following orders to commit war crimes. Everyone should heed his advice on this, I mean, hey, he was smart enough to go AWOL during Vietnam... just not smart enough to be proud of the fact.

This clip has been edited but the words and intent have not been altered from the original presentation; which was the speech in which Bush gave Sadam a 48 hour ultimatum and outlined various lies to assure the American sheeple of our integrity.

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Watch or Read the entire Bush Speech Here

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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Peace Has No Borders ~ David Cline

David Cline President of Veterans for Peace
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Veterans for Peace President, David Cline explains why US veterans are supporting AWOL vets in Canada.

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