Friday, October 07, 2005

GBC s24 Video "Our Country"

We cut together an 8 minute piece that is included in this weeks "Blacked out Media" which is screening on MNN at 9:30 this saturday and FreeSpeechTv this tuesday at 9.

We also put it on the web server. The entire show is here in sorrenson encode which can be viewed by most computers, and a higher quality version for which you need quicktime 7 is here.

The section "Our County" is on the server separately as well here for regular and here for high test.
(You need quicktime 7, and maybe one of the later computers to play h264 files)
Our Country covers the the mass protests in DC Sept.24-26
Glass Bead Collective

The full program includes George Galloway, Miltary Famlies speak out, veterans against the war, Cindy Shehan & the Bring'um Home Bus Tour.
Martin Sheen's LA S24 Speech | Free Palestine Speech - LA

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