Tuesday, August 30, 2005

It 's Time to RevelStoke

Since recieveing so much advice regarding "taking a hike", I secretly set off on a pilgrimage to Canada's Mount Revelstoke... to stoke my revel.
HIGH Atop Mount Revelstoke
I just come down off the mountain. It was an amazing full day Trip up the mountain and back ... stoking and reveling the entire way... I thought I'd never get back and infact ... I'm not sure I'm back yet. I can't feel my legs; is that OK. I only saw 3 people all day on the mountain and I don't think any of them saw me because I was an invisable God today... :)
HIGH Atop Mount Revelstoke
I've checked into a wireless camprground and intend to sit here for awhile because this will take several days to recover from.

How do you stoke your revel?

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