Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Prove It Or Lose It

Without Your Support ... I Can Give No More
You may have noticed the lack of Original, Current videos on the site lately... well there's an explanation for that. I seem to be Praise rich, resource poor and somewhat of a target. My footage over the last 2 years has been used FOR FREE by a presidential campaign, 4 documentary feature films, 2 Graduate Thesis Films, numerous public access screenings, Free Speech TV and screened during pedicab rides in Oregon. (no shit).

I have contributed footage and editing currently being used for promotional purposes by UFPJ, Veterans for Peace, After Downing Street, Greene Dragon and Take Back The Media. I have been completely self funded in my travels (total receipts for the last 4 years is under 600 bucks).

Since June the Fluxview News Team has suffered the lose of a camera, the video editing machine and .. the Fluxview News Van. The camera and van have been replaced. There will be No More Original deProgramming videos .. atleast until a new editing machine is acquired. If you'd like to donate to the "Flux needs an editing machine fund" that would speed the process.

If you've been enjoying these videos and find them useful.. it's time to step up and support your media.

I will not accept donations from the 6 people who've donated in the past 4 years OR from other Video Activists.
The rest of you are making it very difficult to help us; maybe you'd prefer to go back to having no alternative media?
Please help me help us.

If you don't dig my work then please donate to your local IMC. The people running these outlets also work their asses off with extremely limited resources without pay. Publishing independent media costs it's creators time, money and often; safety. Do you appreciate that? ... prove it or lose it.

All the Original deProgramming Videos will remain available.


SUSTAINABILITY Would Be Nice ~ This WAS Flux

FluxRostrum & the Original Fluxview News Van in Boston for the DNC.
photo: Mark Baard for Wired Magazine

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Blogger ~ FluxRostrum said...

Ruppert Needs Help too

5:54 PM  
Blogger ~ FluxRostrum said...

Loretta Needs Help too

Marc needs help

I'm beginning to see a pattern here.

9:32 PM  
Blogger ~ FluxRostrum said...

Chris needs help

1:12 AM  
Blogger ~ FluxRostrum said...

You can add a feature film and another documentary to that list.

Thanks to the supports who have collectively contributed 500 to computer fund. Thanks to you I've almost got enough.

2:17 PM  
Blogger ~ FluxRostrum said...

The New Standard needs help too.

... an i'm still not quite there even throwing in everything i got ...

12:04 AM  

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