Saturday, July 16, 2005

BioTech 2005 ~ Protest Action
The March of Death

BioTech 2005 ::: Cop helps stablize a video camera .. thats sarcasim
Click Image to Download the Video

People of Dissent of all ages took to the streets of Philadelphia for several permitted and unpermitted actions during the 4 day Biotechnology Conference. Philadelphia has a different kind of Cop called a Civil Affairs Officer; they wear sport coats and Arm Bands instead of the regular blue uniform. I asked one of them what the deal with the arm bands was and He Said: "I'm The Police." When pressed further he stated that the Arm Band guys were there specifically to ensure that people got their 1st ammendmant rights. A couple days later I saw a gang of these Civil Affairs Officers charging into a crowd of unsuspecting innocent bystanders; swinging 2 fisted, kicking, shoving peacfully gathered people .. and one of them had a heart attack and died.

And the 1st Ammendmant? Well, it died too as 1 BioTech dissenter was actually arrested for violating it. (the right to free speech) ... Apparently he was having a silent vigil.

Also during the melee an Officer of the Law grabbed my old Digital 8 camera from the hands of it's operator, threw it to the ground and kicked it. It died too.

That's distruction of property ...
that's censorship and that's what happened.
June 18th - 21st 2005 ~ Philadephia, PA

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Blogger Insurgent said...

Wow, that kicked ass Flux! Motivation for me to finish refining my video from March 19th 2005, that I've yet to put online...

11:55 PM  

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