Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Bio Tech 2005 ~
Labor Unions & Healthcare Benefits

BioTech 2005 ::: Labor Unions & Healthcare Benefits

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Filmed at, and prior to, the BioTech 2005 Counter Conference in Philadelphia between June 14th -21st; this video Features Fabricio Rodriguez (Jobs With Justice), Jeff Brooks (President; TWU #234), Pedro Rodriguez (Action Alliance for Senior Citizens) and Adam Tsai, MD (Physicians for a Natonal Healthcare Program).

The corporations recognize that paying for healthcare in an environment that is geared solely to profiting from sick people will bankrupt them sending all of your and their money to the Pharmaceutical companies. So, of course they don't want to be responsible for paying for the healthcare of their employees. That's why everytime a major labor contract comes up for negotiations the companies have been taking the offensive by demanding unions to accept LESS healthcare benefits. The best solution for both would be Universal Healthcare but that requires employers and heathcare recipients to take on the Pharmaceutical Lobby ...

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