Friday, March 03, 2006

Mardi Gras Video Is on the Way

Yes, there will be a Mardi Gras Video.

Living here now is anything but normal. For most people mundane daily chores can easily take all day and then there are days like today when I expected to be online all day and wound up breathing the lower 9th all day because they started putting up electric poles. (It's a huge deal.) We joked that they probably were only putting them up for show because a gaggle of congress people had scheduled a drive by photo-op by the levee that "failed" and that they would probably take them down the next day.

We had first heard that the public servants would get a debriefing from the Army Corp of Engineers reguarding the new levee being built.. at noon ... then 3 but if you leave the area you won't be allowed back in .. then 4, I think it was after 4 when they rolled up and were mobbed by several pushy, arogent, loudmouthed corporate news fucks.

While the politicians blathered on; 20 some former (and current) residents of the lower 9th were kept at bay a block away by ARMY Grunts and Police labled ICE. Eventually a solitary congressmen was sacrificed to the residents and he made many promises. Afterward a few more of the congress people walked out to great their subjects. Smiles, handshakes and ... empty promises did seem to apease the residents. I thought I was going to puke.

A full afternoon in the lower 9th, in the sun, has taken a toll and I've got that familiar full body lethergy and throat soreness that crops up sometimes when I've spent a lot time in a heavy destruction zone.

But back to the point. Yes, There will be a Mardi Gras video... maybe 2. Honestly, I wasn't going to do one but I got's somethin' special for ya. ... maybe by mid week.

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