Sunday, November 20, 2005

Hurricane Turkey Week

I visited Waveland Mississippi yesterday, where the destruction is much more complete and the monetary loss roughly equivilent to that of New Orlean's 9th ward district. However the number of lives effected in Waveland was far lower than that of the poorer, darker, more densely populated 9th ward. The Rainbow Family run The "new" Waveland Cafe and expect to serve thousands of Thanksgiving Meals... and then their going to pack up and leave, but not without throwing a parade first. (look for it on the news Next Saturday).

A contingent from the Waveland Cafe will be relocating their operations to St. Bernard Parish (Parish means county in Louisianna). This is a badly destroyed yet unihabited area just south of the 9th ward. They feel the need for them in Waveland is no longer present as local businesses have begun to reopen and they're mission is to help when needed, not to compete. (ALL Waveland Cafe Services are FREE).

This week in New Orleans is Road Trip Week for the Common Ground Collective. A few hundred Students and active youth from all over the country are road tripping to NOLA to spend their Thanksgiving Break helping with the clean up efforts. In recent days there has been increased harasment of Common Ground Volunteers and some have been ARRESTED FOR DOUBLE PARKING. This week of thanks and giving could be tense in this city that (ask anybody) is doing all it can to prevent lower income people from returning to their homes and property. Some of the road trippers arrived last night, most will arrive today.

You can look forward to seeing these events unfold on video after Thankgiving. The generousity of several viewers has helped me make the editing machine I've needed appear. Thanks. I be giving again soon.

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