Monday, November 07, 2005

Video Shows US Used Chemical Weapons on Civilians in Fallujah

english version
For other languages visit RAI News Italia

The term War Crime does not even begin to describe the horrific HELL that these sick fucks unleashed on Fallujah. When "doing your Job" involves burning the flesh off of civilian women and children with chemicals that don't effect clothing or buildings ... just flesh.. I would expect a good person to quit that job.

Our leaders, Democrat & Republican, ARE FUCKING WAR CRIMINALS.
The troops that carried out these unlawful orders are FUCKING WAR CRIMINALS.
And so are you.. and me for allowing it to continue.

This film and the Depleted Uranium Documentary "Beyond Treason" clearly paint a shameful, yet True, image of the Great United States in the eyes of the world. To the world we are the most barbaric, cruel, ruthless murderers to ever walk the planet. Because the rest of the world isn't being sheltered from the truth by our FASCIST MEDIA.

We can't possibly appologize enough. We are the ass of the universe.

In hind site do you blame the people of Germany for supporting Hitler?
In hind site do you find it utterly incomprehensable that Good People could allow such things to happen at the hand of their countrymen.
In hind site do you think the people who "Followed Orders", "Just Doing Their Job" in Hitlers Germany deserve the fate of war criminals?

And NO the Democrats won't save us. They are part of it. They weren't mislead into supporting the war. Many of the top Democrats were beating the Iraq war drum even before Bush and the Project for the New American Century got on board. How could they have been mislead? Half the country knew we were being lied to before the war started. If they are honestly dumber than most.. they shouldn't be leading anything, let alone US. .. the land of the free?

But Sadam Is Evil...

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