Friday, October 21, 2005

Alive in Baghdad

Alive Reports From Baghdad
Click Image & go to Baghdad

Alive in Baghdad will be operating under a derivative Creative Commons License. We believe that by making all of the media created by the project free for distribution, editing, and re-use, we can ensure that the widest audience is able to see this alternative view from Iraq. All media will be hosted by and downloadable via Bittorrent when Brian returns from Iraq. It is the Creative Commons element that is one of the main purposes for this journey to Iraq. Many great filmmakers have travelled to Iraq, but because their footage is not available online in raw format for wide distribution, we feel they are not making the impact they could. The Alive in Baghdad Project cannot hope to have the reach of CNN or FoxNews by itself, but we feel that Creative Commons licensing is the best solution to that. It is our hope that if editors and community members around the US and the world have access to this footage they will take it and use it to tell the Iraqis’ stories widely within their communities and amongst their families.
Nuremberg War Crimes Trial has some pointers for us
"In the famous Nuremburg War Crimes Trials, established after World War IIto try Nazi War Criminals and assess their guilt and punishment, the Chief Prosecutor said of the German people something that applies directly to Americans today. He speaks knowingly and directly across more than 50 years of time to resolutely instruct American Citizens on exactly what our duty is today, right now:"

*"Individuals have international duties which transcend the national obligations of obedience…therefore have the duty to violate domestic laws to prevent crimes against peace and humanity from occurring."*

*- Nuremberg Tribunal, 1950"*

Spain Orders Arrest of US Troops
US media censor uranium weapons stories
VIDEO: Beyond Treason - Depleted Uranium

Somewhat unRelated Video Links ::: You're an Asshole,
The Most Convincing Shit You can Watch About 911

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Blogger ~ FluxRostrum said...

‘Mouse journalism’ is the only way we can report on Iraq — Fisk
May your god be with you Brian.

11:38 AM  
Blogger ~ FluxRostrum said...

AUDIO: RAGE interviews Chomsky.

Outline of why all presidents since WWII could be hanged for war crimes.

6:05 PM  

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