Monday, January 05, 2009

A Common Ground Mole?


Common Ground Relief co-founder Brandon Darby wore wires for the FBI.
Article 1, Article 2, Brandon's Confession

I have a lot of thoughts about this revelation. Most importantly: Was Brandon a Common Ground Mole or get the job later? AND if he was a Common Ground mole: Why would the FBI infiltrate a grassroots humanitarian organization whose main purpose was to help the Hurricane victims of Katrina? AND since the FBI was fully aware of the vigilante whites randomly shooting black people on the streets post Katrina... why did they allow that to continue?

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Blogger BlueBerry Pick'n said...

...shades of Mary McFate, n'est-ce pas?

reminds me of an interview done by The Jeff Farias Show with Orlando Figues... a couple of days before the Russian cops raided his office...

...original documentation for his book, The Whisperers was taken...

Don't leave 'em guessing, Putin...

Spread Love, not corporate dependence...

BlueBerry Pick'n
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