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Indymedia US NewsReal July 2008

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On NEWSREAL, people -- not corporations -- make the news!

Indymedia NewsReal is a monthly compilation of coverage from citizen journalists across the nation. Please keep sending in submissions and spreading the word to videoactivists you know!

NewsReal is a monthly joint project of Free SpeechTV ( and the Independent Media Center ( ).

NewsReal's goals are to embolden the global movement for social, environmental, and economic justice, strengthen non-corporate communication networks, and to encourage authentic participatory democracy, one community at a time.

Each program covers actions taken in local communities, by ordinary people, to address critical issues like the war, air and water pollution, reproductive rights, homelessness, for-profit prisons, sweatshops, racism, police brutality, indigenous struggles, and more.

July 2008 Indymedia Newsreal runsheet:

Actionday 27
Producer: Freundeskreis Videoclips
Squatters struggle against police in Berlin.

Hospital Bosses Lie
Producer: Maia & Elfie Ballis
Labor and management conflict at a hospital in Fresno, California.

Anita Roddick Advocacy Center
Producer: Flux Rostrum
The dedication of a new Common Ground Relief facility in New Orleans.

Death and Taxes trailer
Producer: Steev Hise
A preview for a new documentary about war tax resistance.

Public Access producers, community screeners, and IMCs (Independent Media Centers) are encouraged to screen or air NewsReal. To obtain the show on a regular basis, please contact Pepperspray Productions at

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