Friday, May 25, 2007

Rx Cannabis

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

like most things in this country, the approach to mj is non-sensical. its more costly, less effective, more dangerous, etc. but why should we expect sanity in a country that refuses to take its scientists, economists, military leaders, historians and other top leaders and professionals seriously and always chooses politics and faith above reason and experience.

the country may be broken beyond repair. unfortunately, while most realize there is a problem, they see a stubbed toe that needs mending to get the country back on the right track. but the unreasonable choices we've made for so long are adding up. from the war on drugs, iraq, war on terror, war on science, no child left behind, singular approach to foreign policy, bleeding of the middle class, crazy deficits, feeding hatred and discrimination, unequal treatment of the law, unreasonable supreme court decisions and on and on and on.

few if any policy decisions over the last six years are supported by reason. and bad policy usually leads to the need for more bad policy like we see in iraq. what makes the feds approach to mj even more pertinent is that besides being unreasonable, it flies in the face of their stated states rights ideology. just more evidence like their big time spending habits, corporate welfare, merit-based party and cronyism system of advancement, law & order for democrats only, strong on defense spending but weak on defense policies that prove the current regime is no more conservative than rosie o'donnell.

the truth is that our entire country is broken and if we are to recover we need to change our dangerous lifestyle. but listening to democratic presidential candidates and the sorry congressional leadership would lead one to believe a few bandaids will do the trick. on the republican side, it's unclear that many think we have many problems beyond bush's popularity.

thus, big fixes are unlikely in store. no one has the guts or the ability to stand up to the corporate money. and the country will continue to rot until its demise with propaganda serving as a short term fix much like a new paint job might cover up a dilapidated home temporarily. but in the end, a home not attended to will fall, a person who does not seek medical attention for serious ailments will die and an empire that does seek to fix itself when it has gone so obviously astray will fall.

sorry for the rant.

7:19 PM  
Blogger ~ FluxRostrum said...

Sorry? don't be silly, I think that maybe the most intelligent comment anyone has made here... Anonymous.

11:26 PM  

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