Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Death Squads ~ the documentary

Click the image a wait forever or Right Click & Download the .mp4

This is a Channel 4 documentary The Death Squads ~ 147 mgs 47 min.

Night after night death squads rampage through Iraq killing civilians. The Death Squads reveals that these organised killings are linked to the Iraqi government and politicians. Of course it's no shock that the Iraqis politicians who are behind the Death Squads, are received by the western countries and introduced to the public as heroes of freedom and champions of democracy.

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Blogger RalphBuckley said...

i've been following your work for awhile...and now i'm sure that you're the real deal...u obviously are passionate about reporting the unjustices in this world and showing us the victims that are caught in the middle...there r some vloggers out there making a difference...
you're 1 of them!

11:49 AM  

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