Friday, October 27, 2006

Flux the Vote & Free Josh Wolf

This website has been nominated in several categories for "The Vloggy Awards". If you'd like to support this site in a non-monetary fashion go to the link below and scroll down to vote anywhere you see "Fluxview, USA" or "Vlog~Flux".

I'd also like to make a special plug for my friend Josh Wolf who is nominated for Best Male Vlogger and Most Controversial Video. Josh is sitting in federal prison right now on Contempt charges relating to his refusal to turn over raw video footage of a protest in San Francisco. He has been named Journalist of the year by the Northern California chapter of the Society for Professional Journalists for upholding the principles of a free and independent press.

Here's a song about Josh From Ralph Buckley.

Free Josh Wolf vid Uploaded by conkling ~ mpg download
This song/vid shoulda been nominated for Best Original Song
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