Monday, June 19, 2006

Miss Sheehan Has Arrived!

Cindy Sheehan along side AWOL Iraq War Veterans at War Resisters Rally in Canada
Crossing the border into Canada for the Peace Has No Borders rally on Saturday; it quickly became apparent that those attending the event were getting "Special" treatment from the border guards (Canandian).

I told the guard I was attending a picnic with friends at a park just to the right of the bridge but couldn't remember the name of the park, not satisfied with my answer he grilled futher. He asked if I had any guns in the vehicle, "no"; ANY AT HOME ... and seemed shocked when I also said no. I was told to pull over for further inspection.

When I pulled in I noticed a couple of other carloads of people who I recognized from the fund-raiser event the night before. The security drones asked about sharp objects and said they were going to search my van (van is currently almost completly empty). They didn't like that I had a dull ass machete and seazed it. They grilled me further about the "mystery" Park I was "supposedly" meeting friends in. I couldn't remember the name... finally, I turned in exasperation to the peacniks being search next to me an said ... "What's the name of Park?"
Guards: "These are your friends?"
me: No. We haven't met yet; they look like friends of my friends."

They walked me inside to process the Abandoned Property paper work for my machete. While signing the papers giving ownership of my 10 doller machete to the Canadian government a voice came booming gleefully over the load speaker. "Miss Sheehan has Arrived!" There were others inside wearing peace sign t-shirts, couples, being seperated and grilled independently.

As I walked out to leave, in walked Cindy and her carload.

Looking around the parking lot as I pulled away I noticed Ann Wright and a few other carloads of Peaceful looking people.

I discussed the incident with Cindy & Ann at the Rally.
Here's that video.

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Blogger Masher1 said...

When your are fearless it's going to SHINE THROUGH the fear others sow.
Good job Cindy. Another HATS OFF TO YOU!!

11:43 AM  

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