Thursday, April 13, 2006

Immigrant Uprising and the Group W Bench

NYC Immigration March from April 10th
Click to Download Guest Video from WBJordon 24 mgs 10.5 minutes

Littering Charges DROPPED Against the Blanco 3
I returned to court today for the second time to face charges of littering for my participation (as a videographer) in an Eviction related political demonstration at the Governor of Louisianna's House.

Prior to going before the judge our Cop was overheard gloating as he showed the DA & other cops the 24 8 x 10 glossy photos with the lines an arrows... These weren't just any ol'photos mind you... these photos were manufactured evidence. The photos the cops entered as evidence were of the evicted persons belongings scattered about in a heap of crap that .. well .. looked like trash. It did NOT, however, look anything like the "scene of the crime" which was a well organized Display of furnishings.

Since the cops had apprehended us before leaving the scene, given the nature of the action and the fact that the Evicted Persons Property was removed by the Governors grounds crew even before we were carted off to the interegation rooms.... the judge found that there was no way for them to prove our "intent" to litter and dismissed the charges against all 3. We were lied to by the cops on the scene when they said it was all on video (theirs). If they'd had video there would have been other questions asked of us on the scene, their pictures could have been much different and the 5 of us would have been in court.

We all shared an elevator on the way out of the court house. Gloating Boy had changed his tune... "nothing personal" ... "I got my job and you got..." he couldn't finish that sentence since he was the only one bought an paid for. NICE COPS LIE.
Previous Court Story, Video of Demonstration

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