Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Walkin' to New Orleans ~ 3rd Anniversary of the War, Sunday

Chalmette Battleground and Cemetary breakfast spot for the last day of the march to New Orleans.
The Iraq War 3rd Anniversay Special
Click Image to Download the VIDEO 34 mgs 8.5 minutes
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Walkin' to New Orleans Daily Videos ~ Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday ... BUY THE DVD w/bonus footage ... Book a Screening

On the 3rd Anniversary of the 2nd Iraq War, Iraq veterans clearly spell out the problems with words and song. Words by Camilo Mejia and Michael Blake; song by VOICE.

The Walkin' to New Orleans March started Tuesday the 14th of March in Mobile, Alabama and concluded on Sunday the 19th; with an Anniversary Anti-War Rally in Congo Square, New Orleans.

The marchers were war veterans from many wars and hurricane survivors from the 2005 Gulf Coast hurricane season who wished to draw attention to the cause and effect of having a currupt, profiteering government.

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Anonymous anarchistoi! said...

hi im trying to watch the liberation of love park video, im not able to view it. im using n apple computer, too, is that why? please contact me and let me know how i can collect these actions, g8 in georgia, philly, new york,. i attended these and would like to obtain video footage or any documentary video of. tahnks flu=x!

10:25 AM  
Anonymous ginni gi mama said...

Hello! These are Wonder-FULL! I've put these on the Vets March yahoo group,OUR HOME aWay from HOME! Stan has address, or email me; WE LOVE YOU!!! Remember..THIS is just the Beginning,keep Your kit handy!

Thank YOU for this amazing Time Travel Magic! ginni'mama'

10:17 AM  

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