Monday, May 30, 2005

Business Weak ~ Video Collection

Reasons Against the G-8 Summit
Audio presentation of the book "Reasons Against G8" by David Miller
The Pit Falls of Corporate Privatization (globalization).

Coke Kills
Union Organizers in South America are being murdered to insure the continued exploitation of their labor. This is a press conference on the subject from the G8 Summit protests of 2004. QuickTime 18mg download

Enron Retirement Video
Mainstream story of an actual retirement party video for an Enron Exec. their so called satire is eerily prophetic and includes an endorsement from George W. Bush.

The Battle of Blair Mountain
The only time in history that the United States government dropped bombs on its own people was in a fight to unionize the coal mines at the Battle of Blair Mountain in 1921

Immokalee: a story of slavery and freedom
Brutal exploitation of farmworkers, including slavery and indentured servitude, continues to plague thousands in the fields and groves of south Florida.

¡Resistencia! Tearing Down Fences
Resistencia covers the anti-WTO actions in Cancún to the anti-FTAA demonstrations in Miami; addressing the impacts of tourism, agriculture in a global setting, organized labor, media control, and the rise of the police state.

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