Friday, May 27, 2005

Vote Fraud in America ~ Video Collection

The Fight For Democracy In Ohio
A collection of hearings and testimony from the frontlines in Columbus, Ohio including coverage of the November 13-15 Voter Fraud Hearings in Columbus, and the Jan 3 Pro-Democracy Rally. Featuring Senator Barbara Boxer, Jesse Jackson, David Cobb, Ohio Rep Stephanie Tubbs-Jones, Tim Carpenter of PDA, Teresa Fedor, Dagmar Celeste, Susan Truitt, Bob Fitrakis, Cliff Arnebeck, Warren Linney, John Bonifaz, Greg Palast, Harvey Wasserman, and Rev. Bill Moss.

America's Illegitimate Election 2004
This is a compilation of Mainstream, Corporate News Reports of the Fraud involved in our last election. Clearly this info IS being made available to a Public that doesn't care enough to pay any attention to events that would force a good patriot to take action.

Ohio Vote Supression ... Fraud or Deliberate Incompetence..
This is what exportable US Democracy looks like?!.

From the Seattle Times:
"At this point the number of irregularities brought to our attention is not going to change the outcome of the election," said DNC spokesman Jano Cabrera."The simple fact of the matter is that Republicans received more votes than Democrats, and we're not contesting this election."

This 30 minute Presidential Election Special Edition of VOTERGATE was created as a free educational service to get out critical information to the public.   Stream it now: Broadband or Dialup
Hack it Yourself in the Fluxview Library

Mike Hout video on "The Effect of Electronic Voting Machines on Change in Support for Bush in the 2004 Florida Elections" recorded at UC Berkeley.   Here's some local San Fran Action

Mainstream Vote Fraud Video
"CountDown" on MSNBC ~ I wonder if the producer has been fired yet?

Air America Radio, interview with Clinton Curtis
This is the whistleblower claiming to have been hired to write the code to rig elections through the touch screen paperless voting placebos.

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Blogger Duane Kuss said...

Like man you rock! This is starting to bring me back to the Nixon era. There's so much republican, big money power driving this oil machine that until folks get out from under... there's going to be nothing but lots of pain, distrust and apathy.

Go... man... go... and do your thing.

You are amazing!


5:38 AM  

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