Tuesday, December 04, 2007

NOmadjik Journey: The Other LA

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The NOmadjik Media Bus finally makes it to New Orleans after a grueling cross country adventure. With assistance from our friends @ Bio Liberty and New Orleans BioDiesel Initiative the bus received some much needed upgrades. I learned a lot about Waste Vegetable Oil as Fuel and the empowering process of BioDiesel Production in the Gulf Coast Region.
The NOmadjik Media Bus is now preparing to start coverage of the Presidential Primary Selections in New Hampshire and beyond. We will be following the primaries south from New Hampshire hitting as many as possible.

We will also be attending BOTH the Democratic and Republican Conventions and Inauguration. If you'd like to visit us or join us on the road, get in touch.

Tax Deductible Donations made now will benefit the project greatly as we still need to gear up a bit and winterize.

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New Orleans BioDiesel Initiative, Bio Liberty

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