Saturday, August 19, 2006

More Threats for Videotaping Police

It's an odd case, with all sorts of strange twists and turns. But the gist of the case is that the state police and prosecutors are threatening a woman with crimnal sanctions for posting video of an arrest on her website. Not only that, but state prosecutors are apparently threatening other websites (actually, the website of the man arrested in the video) for merely linking to the video.

The case caught the attention of the Boston Phoenix, which gave the prosecutor and state police one of it's "Muzzle Awards" for suppressing free speech. The paper sums up what's at stake rather succinctly:

Since no one other than the State Police objects to the video being posted, we must assume that it is they who believe their rights are somehow being violated. But how can that be? They are seen carrying out their public duties: arresting a citizen and temporarily depriving him of his freedom. Our right to keep tabs on how the police use that power is vital.

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Blogger Citisucks said...

Of course the pigs don't want anyone except for faux videotaping them. How else will they get to carry out their police brutality! The pigs are some of the most evil violent criminals out their.

1:45 PM  

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